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Platinum Fireworks Package

A Brief Outline our Platinum Package

Platinum Package

To announce the start of the show, six earth shattering hot white lightening flash maroons will launch simultaneously into the night sky. As the deafening noise echoes through the night, a spectacular opening sequence of red stars will form a huge fan shape that lights up the entire sky.

Above this, breathtaking halos of red twinkling spider shells will fill the night sky and slowly cascade back down over the top of the red fan. followed by golden “bombettes” with sapphire blue squibs dart across the sky forming a rainbow of gold and blue droplets; simultaneously above this wave after wave of exploding aqua blue shells explode in all shades of blue, turquoise and lilac.

Flicker flares will create a beautiful setting, like a magnesium silver strobe light. Mean while, multi-coloured roman candles will rise from the ground creating a matrix of flickering stars. Overhead three blue coconut palm shells with spinning white centres will explode, totally filling the sky as far as the eye can see.

Back down to eye level, from the ground will erupt golden cracking glitter fountains to form a 100ft wall of golden fire, as the golden wall peaks it will change to a cascading screen of twinkling spitting silver. As the fountains fade away, giant golden shells will launch into the sky, as the golden tails trail back to earth tiny azure blue pearls will burst at the end of each trail. Beneath the mammoth electric blue and gold shells, funnels of gold and sapphire blue glitter plumes will shoot in the night sky in a fan shape.

Next, special effect shells continue with a series of stunning blue, red and violet angled ring shells climaxing with a giant bursting titanium flash in a circle shell.

The pace of the show will now start to intensify with a row of pale gold, sliver and magnesium glitter plumes that will launch into the sky in a fan shape throwing silver squibs into the night sky in a frenzy of activity. Overhead, a barrage of golden orb like fireworks with white-hot spinning glitter centres will explode filling the night sky. While the glitter falls back down to earth, a series of stunning special effect star-shells will fill the sky with rings, bow ties, spirals and butterfly patterns, climaxing with a bouquet of three huge red love hearts.

As the audience cheer the red love hearts, their applause will be drowned by the noise storm – not loud noise, but quirky plumes of silver and gold that whiz and hum like a swarm of bees and crackle in a fury of darting white fire tornadoes. Than, a barrage of “darting fish shells” will explode, like giant silver waterfalls that silently cascade in a zig­zag formation back down to earth.

While the fun noise sequence dies away, a giant V shape in a blinding magnesium white will light up the sky, through the centre huge hot white spider web shells will explode, that ever so slowly fall back to earth creating a beautiful shimmering spider web effect against the black night sky. A dazzling eruption of green streaks will crisscross across the night sky in an arch way. Through the centre of the arch will rise the awesome Poisonous Spider, one of the most spectacular fireworks Rocket Pyro fires, launching magnificent balls of silver spinning tornadoes high in to the air that explode in to a whirl of green glitter.

As the Poisonous Spider burns itself out mammoth golden shells will explode, hurtling golden glitter ‘go getters’ across the sky. The pace of the show intensifies with a firing of ruby red, hot white and electric blue roman candles with matching red, white and blue mammoth like shells over the top, interspersed with electrifying flash maroon shells. The thunder rain barrage furiously sends up bombardment after bombardment of around 1000 silver tailed fireballs that explode into a myriad of twinkling stars.The effect can only be described as heavy rain drops splashing on water.

Giving no time for the audience to catch their breath, magnificent crackling golden criss- crosses will explode, climbing higher and higher, growing bigger and bigger as they stretch across the night sky. Through the centre, mammoth golden bow tie shaped shells will explode at quirky angles over the top of the golden crisscrosses. The firing climaxes with a single humungous golden palm shell that will take the audience’s breath away. The display finally climaxes with an exquisite twinkling 3D waterfall canopy of mammoth golden brocades, interspersed with magnificent golden palm shells and deafening flash maroon shells to form a truly amazing sight.

Ballina Festival Fireworks

Back down to eye level, from the ground will erupt golden cracking glitter fountains to form a 100ft wall of golden fire, as the golden wall peaks it will change to a cascading screen of twinkling spitting silver.

Bray Fireworks Display

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