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Wedding Fireworks - Nationwide

A Brief Outline

Wedding Fireworks – Answers To Questions We Are Asked Wedding Fireworks Show

We will try to answer some of the questions we are asked when couples inquire about a wedding fireworks show. This page will provide information which you should find useful if you are thinking about having a wedding fireworks display anywhere in the country – we perform wedding fireworks shows nationwide at most venues. If you have a question that we don’t address here, please contact us 

Making Your Big Day Extra Memorable

The wedding date has been set. The venue has been booked and confirmed. The marriage ceremony has been agreed. The guest list is drawn up and everything is set for the most memorable day of your life. The perfect way to entertain your guests is with a spectacular fireworks display that is sure to impress.  

A Little WOW Goes a Long Way!

While everything should be amazing, maybe you still want to add that extra wow-factor. If you’re looking for something to make your wedding even more memorable, you really can’t look beyond a stunning professional wedding fireworks display! A top notch professional fireworks display as part of your wedding day celebrations will add a serious amount of pizzazz to your wedding day and is sure to impress and entertain your guests. 

How Much Does a Wedding Fireworks Display Cost?

Basically, you get what you pay for. A few sparklers won’t do very much. An amateur effort with under the counter fireworks would be illegal and uninsured.  And the would be no comparison to a professionally designed and performed fireworks show. In a good professional show, the finest detail is planned, taking guest safety into account. It is a perfect example of meticulous planning where every second is planned.  

The most popular package for weddings is our Silver package and you can find more information by clicking the link. The best way to answer your questions regarding the cost of a wedding fireworks display is to discuss it with us so we can come up with a suitable proposal that meets your expectations and your budget.  

What About Special Wedding Effects? 

wedding fireworks special effects

Wedding Fireworks Show for that wow factor

Some couples like to add a few extra touches with additional special effects. There are a number of special effects available and we are happy to discuss these with you. More information is available on our “Optional Extras” page or  contact us.



How Long Does The Wedding Fireworks Show Last?

We can design and fire the show in a number of ways to suit your budget. If you want the full load fired in a few minutes, we can do that. If you want the show paced to last longer with various bursts of extra colour and excitement during the show, leading to the grand finale, we can design the show to do just this. Most wedding fireworks shows last from 5 – 8 minutes but, the final decision is up to you. It’s not the length of the fireworks display that matters, it’s the number of fireworks used in the show. 

What Time Does The Show Begin?

There is a legal restriction that stipulates no noise after 11 pm, with the exception of New Year’s Eve. If your wedding venue is a hotel or close to residential housing, we recommend an earlier start, if possible, to respect residents.

Do All Venues Allow Fireworks?

We design wedding fireworks displays nationwide. Most venues will allow professional, fully insured fireworks shows but please check with your venue before booking. Sometimes it is not possible to have fireworks at your wedding due to the close proximity of housing, too many trees at the venue or maybe there is just might not enough space for a fireworks display. We have fired shows at the most prestigious venues including Ashford Castle, Adare Manor, Castle Leslie, Slane Castle and many many more. In fact, Rocket Pyrotechnics reputation is such that we are the only pyrotechnics company allowed to produce fireworks displays at a number of venues.

Are You Insured For Wedding Fireworks Displays?

Yes, Rocket Pyrotechnics is fully insured with public liability insurance cover of €10,000,000

How Much Notice Do I Need to Give?

In Ireland, every fireworks display needs an appropriate licence. As a result, we would require a minimum of 4 weeks’ notice to apply for the licence from the Department of Justice. If possible, try to allow 6 weeks.

The Final Price 

Once we have concluded our site visit (if we have not already fired at your location) and examined every detail, we design the show based on our discussions with you. There are no hidden extras so you know exactly the cost, well in advance of your wedding day.