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Ballymun - The Last Tower

A Fitting Send Off For The Iconic Towers

Ballymun – The Last Tower

Ballymun – The Last Tower

The Ballymun tower blocks that dominated the north Dublin skyline for many years are no more. The tower blocks were visible for miles around but due to the regeneration of the area, the iconic towers were coming down, one by one. Before the final tower was brought down to earth with a bang, it was decided to give it a fitting spectacular send off with a stunning pyrotechnics display, fired from the roof of the final tower.

Has a fireworks display ever been fired from such a lofty site anywhere in Ireland?

Click on the images in our photo gallery below to view the images. If you think this is what can add the finishing touches to your festival, please contact us to discuss how we can help make your event even more memorable!

Ballymun Towers Fireworks
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